genuine turtle claw and sterling silver pendant necklace

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An extra large snapping turtle claw set in a sterling silver setting suspended on a braided leather bolo leather choker/necklace.

I polished up an extra, extra large, 1 and a half inch long snapping turtle claw and made a custom sterling silver setting for it.

As you can see, I set the claw so that it sits facing forward in the setting rather than the tradition sideways setting. This design makes it perfect for a choker or short style necklace.

The very large claw is set in several layers of sterling silver and attached to a heavy sterling silver tube bail.

After oxidizing the entire pendant, i hand polished it to bring out the textures and design of the sterling silver.

Total dimensions of the pendant are: just over 2 inches in length from the top of the bail to the bottom curve of the claw. and just under an inch wide at the widest part of the bail.

The 3mm antiqued black/brown braided bolo leather necklace is unfinished so that you can customize your desired length. Just let me know and i'll make it to that specified length up to 22 inches. The necklace will be finished off with a sterling silver spring clasp for security.

A great gift idea for Mother's or Father's day! ...

Comes gift boxed.

Free shipping and insurance in the U.S.

Turtle Totem, Spirit Animal
People with the Turtle totem have exceptional navigation skills. They can always find their way through anything. Folks with this spirit animal also tend to withdraw into their shell if they see themselves in an uncomfortable or what they perceive as a threatening situation. People with this power animal also have understanding and compassion for this planet and all of its inhabitants. They also have a secure attachment to their home and will always end up returning there. These people move at their own pace and take their time with decisions. Their compassion for others is monumental. Thus they make good listeners and can do so without taking them on

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