Cougar claw and sterling silver pendant necklace

cougar claw, sterling silver
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A large genuine cougar claw is set in a sterling silver cap and hung on a sturdy, 20 inch rolo chain.

The large claw is shaped and buffed to a beautiful smooth shine and readied to be made into a pendant.

Next, the claw is surrounded by multiple layers of decorative sterling silver, oxidized and hand-polished to bring out the designs and textures of the silverwork.

To complete the look, I added an oxidized to match, 3.9mm sterling silver rolo chain in a 20 inch length.

This pendant necklace is suitable for a man or woman.

Total measurements on the pendant are: 1 1/4 inches tall and 1 inch wide.

Comes gift boxed and ready to give.

If you need a different length of chain or prefer leather, let me know, i can change it for you ...

Cougar Animal Spirit meanings: The cougar is happiest prowling in shadows during the magical hours of dusk and dawn. She brings strength, courage, instincts and sensual mystique. She is powerful and solitary teaching us how to use power so that we may become effective, fair leaders who do not abuse power.

She is especially auspicious for women and individuals looking to connect with primal Feminine awareness. She asks that you balance your feral instincts with wisdom and patience. Take the time to learn through observation. Save your energy and take action only when the time is right. Also take note of any emotional upheavals or clashing of passions. You will need to cultivate serenity and fairness.

Remember though the powerful cougar may be difficult to work with, she will grant you formidable power if you listen carefully to the wisdom she has to offer to you.

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